Once again we have been honoured to be invited to look at finds at the Ness of Brodgar.

This visit we were specifically looking at the Mini pots and the Thumb pots. These have been seen on other Neolithic digs, but there is an abundance of them come to light at the Ness of Brodgar. Some of the pots you can visibly see signs of residue in them, but it is not know yet what it is and therefore what they were used for.

They are exquisite and even some of them are decorated. In a few of the little thumb pots you can see the nail print of the finger that was used to make the indent, incredible.

The mini pots, like the one in my hand in the picture top right, have pinch marks around the base. Amazing to think that these impressions were made by someone almost 5000 years ago.

The new book Ness of Brodgar: Past, Present & Future http://Ness of Brodgar: Past, Present & Future available now includes details and images about these little vessels.

Photographs copyright Ness of Brodgar, Taken by Tom O’Brien

There are more examples to be seen in The Ness exhibition at The Orkney museum presently on display until Sept.

Including a fabulous little double thumb pot.

Inspired by our visit Michael has been turning more little pots from English boxwood, adding carved detail and some decoration. These are available in our gallery and there will hopefully be some for sale in the site shop during this years dig.