I have made a couple of videos around our home here in beautiful Orkney. Come and have a look round

We have been enjoying a beautiful spell of spring weather which has encouraged lots of gardening and some great walks.

Recently we had a photo shoot at our place. Thibault Gras from https://www.grass-shoots.com/ came along to the workshop and took

A new range where Michael has stepped away from bowl turning to turn these Burr elm fishing floats. Inspired by

Boxwood (Buxus is a genus of about seventy species in the family Buxaceae) A slow growing evergreen shrub from which this fantastic, heavy, dense,

1st week into 2022 and I’m feeling so lucky. Since we now have a dog again (Monty) I have been enjoying

Well that’s nearly the end of 2021 and another upset to Christmas with the old COVID 19 thing. It was

This piece has been several months in the making, but has been well worth it. Turned from chestnut this imposing

Let me introduce you to the latest member of our family. This is MONTY He is a 9 week old

A few weeks ago Mark Stephens made us a surprise visit. Mark is a co-presenter of BBC Radio Scotland Out