We had a run over to the Unstan Tomb in the evening yesterday. It was a beautiful evening, bit of

No more building !! How often have we said this 😂. Well it wasn’t too big a build, although it

Its been a great few weeks of weather (infact we could do with some rain, but frightened to say that

GDPR  At Michael Sinclair Woodturner we are committed to protecting your privacy. We have completed steps to make sure we

A very busy and interesting week We have been very busy in the gallery with lots of visitors, local, national

Here we are in the middle of May and the weather is fantastic (just now anyway). Everywhere is beautifully green,

Took a bit of time out and went for a little run around in the car last night. The sun

It was beautiful yesterday evening, cold, but the light was fantastic, so I peeled Mr Orkwoodturner out of his shed

On Friday night we attended the opening of the Summer exhibition ‘Artefacts and Inspirations from the Ness of Brodgar’ in

This is a decorating method Michael has used for a while now.    The decoration is applied with a pyrography