Although it has been quite warm it has been rather dull and wet today. There has been a lot of

I don't know why, but suddenly it has hit me that it is autumn. Nothing wrong with that, don't get

As Michael is a woodturner trees play a big part in our lives.  We have a passion for them, not

Hello everyone and we hope you are all well So we are on the second 3 week lockdown semester and

Due to a few reasons we will not be going on our usual end of season trip this year so

Well the weather hasn't been as good this year. We have had short spells of sunshine. Having said that it

A grey but mild mid February morning. Now I know (and especially as far north as we are) winter is

No sooner has it started than it is all over. Christmas I mean although time just flies these days anyway.

For several years now our dining table has been a beautiful waney edge elm table Michael made. As lovely as

Last day of the October break for the schools, clocks change tomorrow and the wind is storming down from the