‘Rocking' bowls. These are great fun. Michael turns these round bottoms bowl with a slight weight and with the shaping

Mace Head turned from Zabrano. These incredible Mace heads (stone) are found in Neolithic dig sites here in Orkney. Michael

This beautiful wall plaque has been made for a customer to go on an original stone wall in an old

A new range of pots. The bowl is ebonised after being turned and then finished with oil. The ebonising also

This piece was created using several of the techniques Michael uses. We have called it ‘4 points'. It was exhibited

Michael usually turns these pieces inspired by ‘Neolithic Petrospheres' from English boxwood as this is a very dense, hard wood

 A lidded pot turned from elm, with burr and natural edge. The pot has been carved, ebonized and stained with

A bowl turned from Orkney sycamore and decorated in Neolithic Unstan ware style. Neolithic pottery and stone carvings have been

A Yarn bowl turned from Elm. This was a commission piece and the second yarn bowl Michael has made. Last

A little ‘potion pot'. Michael quite often turns these little threaded pots from either exotic woods or stabilised hard woods.