“I explore Orkney’s Neolithic heritage through the craft of woodturning.”

Michael Sinclair




Michael, a born and bred Orcadian, has been wood turning for over 28 years. Self-taught, Michael honed his skills with practice, experimentation and his desire to produce fine attractive pieces. He was accepted onto the Register of Professional Turners in 2017.

Michael’s life and work reflect his affinity with Orkney tradition and its heritage of craftsmanship.

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Mini pots & Thumb pots

Mini pots & Thumb pots

Once again we have been honoured to be invited to look at finds at the Ness of Brodgar. This visit we were specifically looking at the Mini pots and the Thumb pots. These have been seen on other Neolithic digs, but there is an abundance of them come to light at the...

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I thank you Michael for your thumb pot. It brings together two of my loves. Orkney itself and things of simple beauty.

John Milne

I enjoyed meeting you both when we traveled to Orkney (from our home in America). One can see how Michael continues to refine his craft and the flexibility it takes to work with found and reclaimed wood and the respect shown to nature in all her many forms. I also love how the symbols of ancient ancestors are carried on in the trim and details. Each piece is truly of a place and time but connects us to the past.

Lee Guion

The ‘petrosphere’ has just arrived safely. It is a thing of great beauty and it will be cherished as a family heirloom.

Lyn M.

Ancient Vikings must not only have inspired Michael, but guided his hands
as well. The bowl may be small in size but its ‘aura’ is immense.
Christine Garrett

It’s a beautiful piece which will have a prominent place in my living room.

Graham Jones

 As a keen Japanese film enthusiast, there are some ‘set pieces’ I have noticed where a traveller/Ronin/stranger is invited to have a meal at a campfire cauldron and he produces his bowl from his clothing/pack. The beauty, design and origin of the bowl is commented on and may or may not lead to further talk. If I was that person this is the bowl I would produce.

Ewan Bell

You have such a good eye, Michael, and your bowl is so pleasing to my eye and hand, such a great line. You have made something very beautiful, fully exploiting the features of a stunning piece of Sycamore.

Ben Blythe

I love the age old designs. The most inspirational woodturning I’ve seen.

B Shepherd

Thank you for your work Michael, it will forever offer us memories of the amazing place you call home.


I have a longstanding interest in prehistory and Neolithic Orkney in particular. Your work not only celebrates but extends that tradition so I’m very glad to be acquiring this wonderful piece of true Orkney craftsmanship.

Jeffrey Greenslade

Your products are of a high standard and excellent quality, highlighting Michael’s skill as a wood turner.

Having bought two bowls in your gallery, we both like them even more now that we can see them many times a day.

Robert Shaw