Back in the day (early 80s 😱) I was a riding instructor and worked at Holmesfield Equestrian Centre near Sheffield. It was great fun and there was a lovely bunch of people working there. We all lived in too😉 and had so many laughs. After a while I moved on to take over another yard and shortly after that the group went separate ways. Some kept in touch, but as is inevitable people moved to other areas of the country and even other countries.

I have kept in touch with one of the girls, after moving to Orkney, through social media and out of the blue she messaged to say she was coming to visit😱. Her husband was our vet so I had met him before and she was coming with another lass who worked there at the time and her husband (who I had never met) Poor Michael of course knew none of them.

They had rented a cottage for a week near by and would drop in to see us. I was excited and a little bit nervous🤣. Their ferry arrived just before lunch and we recommended The Kirk Cafe for lunch, which they did. They collected some supplies and headed for their cottage calling in here on the way. THAT WAS JUST THE BEGINNING 🤣, after that we ended up spending every available minute together👍😍

They arrived at the beginning of storm Babet and ended up having to stay for an extra couple of days because of it, but we had a fantastic time, they loved our beautiful island. We walked, went sightseeing, cooked, talked, laughed, watched Rugby, played cards and it felt very much as if we had worked together yesterday rather than 40 years ago.

If you are ever thinking of catching up with old mates, DO IT.

Monty had a new friend in Mouse too 🐾🥰

Come back soon guys 👍