With Easter around the corner we have just finished a few changes to our gallery. We commissioned a counter which looks great and is just right for dealing with all the business side and making coffees. (All the important stuff.????????)

We sent the original furniture to Restart which is a charity here helping people on low incomes. We did keep the old school table as that has great sentimental value.

A small shelf now holds the visitors book and the atlas we have for customers to mark their home town on. It is so interesting to see where people have come from to visit our little part of the world. We also have a video playing showing Michael at work.

We have added a couple of extra shelves and have a display in the corner of a few old pieces of woodturning from our own collect we feel will be interesting for visitors to see.

We are really looking forward to the season starting again and getting to meet many more interesting visitors. We hope their experience with us will be enjoyable and may be even educational.