I new piece just finished is this beautiful blackened oak bowl with lots of natural detail, staples and hand carving.

It is currently for sale on our website shop. 17 Oct 2022

Michael gets a lot of his inspiration from Neolithic and Iron age finds at Archeological digs here in Orkney.

But inspiration also comes from further afield. We are extremely lucky to own this North African Tazawat bowl used by the Tuareg people. Ethnographic parallels of the Cairns bowl found in South Ronaldsay here in Orkney. To read more about it take a look at my previous blog. The Cairn’s Cog.

Michaels comment –

I used to think you could put too many repairs in a bowl. The traditional African Tazawat bowl has many repairs. 8 will hopefully do on my oak one.😉

The Tazawat bowl has been on show in the workshop over the summer and will hopeful be there for many years for visitors to see and handle.