A rollercoaster ride.

We have managed to get away with it for so long, but finally it happened and we got Covid (inevitable everybody said)

We closed the gallery but not much time to chill as we had a few things in the dairy. I tested positive a couple of days before Michael (so I believe I was generous enough to pass it on to him🥹). This did help though as between us we managed to look after things. Like everybody says it is just like having a bad cold, but did have to take to my bed for a day with a horrendously sore head.

The main thing in the planning was getting solar panels fitted. We needed to get a ditch put in across the yard. A good friend came at the last minute with his digger and did the job👍. This only left Michael a few bits of digging to do and a gap to drill under a retaining wall. It was enough🤣, but it was done and ready in time.

It was a beautiful day and we watched from a distance. The boys worked away and before we knew it the job was done and we were generating electricity.

Supplied and fitted by Solar Dynamics

As predicted the weather has turned grey and misty since 🤣, but the sun will come out again 👍

Now to make the most of the ditch –

We’re updating the air source heat pump on the bedroom end of the house and needed to get a power supply through the house. Easy you would think but we have vaulted ceilings and therefore no attic space. The ditch is there so lets run the cable from the shed across. I got in touch with the guys doing the job and they came out and laid an armoured cable. The job will get done week beginning the 19th Sept. We have furniture to move around in the bedrooms so it’s good we have a bit of time to sort that.

Next thing is we are wanting to extend our wifi into the woodturning shed. (also into the big shed for reading ad managing the inverter for the solar panels). Let’s use the ditch again. 👍 Another excellent local company who came out and laid a fibre cable in the ditch. It was then decided that it would be good for them to come the same time as the other guys so everybody cold run cables into the house at the same time. Excellent.

All services now in place we can get the ditch filled in and make the yard safe for customers to visit Michael in his workshop.

We are now testing negative again and feeling much better.

We will open again on Monday and look forward to welcoming people back to our little gallery and workshop.