1st week into 2022 and I’m feeling so lucky.

Since we now have a dog again (Monty) I have been enjoying some of the walks I use to do and found some new ones. Over the festive period we had some beautiful cold, bright days, not so much lately but still “There is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing”. I do think it was an outdoor clothing company that came up with that🙄🤣.

I think, as I get older, I appreciate this beautiful place where we live more and more. 

I thought I would share a few pictures with you.

We are land locked so local walks from the house take me along the farm road and up onto the hill. Monty loves the hill and romps in the heather smelling lots of ‘wonderful’ things.

Panoramic view from the top of the hill

A short drive takes us down the main road to the track that leads to Binscarth woods. This is quite a varied walk with a dry track which goes to Wasedale loch. Followed by a more challenging track that runs across the hill to Binscarth house. You then drop down the drive and turn onto the path trough the woods. The 1st part, under the pine trees, is quite dry and a walk down takes you to the stream for Monty to have a swim. Another path then arcs round and back up to the top end of the woods, then joins the original route in. There is a path right through the woods and across a field into Finstown, but it is sometimes that muddy it even goes over the wellies, so will leave that part for the summer.

Then there is Happy Valley, another area of woodland. A beautiful bit of valley created by Edwin Harrold. He moved there and started planting in 1948 He used the stream to generate electricity for the small cottage he lived in. After Edwins death the area was gifted to the people of Orkney. The local community continue to enhance the grounds and surrounding area by tree planting, creating and maintaining paths and steps etc. It is great that Edwin’s legacy lives on and it has become a haven for the community and visitors alike.

Find your way to Happy Valley

There are also the beaches around us. A great place for Monty to play with his ball and run.

Other places include a walk out to the whale bone in Birsay, past the fishermans huts, or even around some of our fantastic ancient sites, quiet just now until the tourist return.

All the pups in the litter stayed in Orkney. Just before Christmas we had a meet up on the beach. They had a great time and their mum, skye the fox red, was there too.

The walking books, that have been gathering dust, are off the shelf again ready to explore Orkney further over the coming years with our beautiful boy.

Michael doesn’t often come with us for a walk, but it’s great when he does. He can usually be found creating in his workshop.

A few of the pieces Michael is working on at the moment

Hope you enjoyed a look at the photos in this blog.