Bowl is turned, marked out and then carved.
Holding this imposing pot giving an idea of its size

This piece has been several months in the making, but has been well worth it. Turned from chestnut this imposing pot is 210mm x 245mm∅. Inspired by the Neolithic Grooved ware pottery found here in Orkney. The idea for this piece came from a pot found at the Ness of Brodgar earlier this year. Carved decoration and texturing has been added between two turned beads. The decorated band has then been coloured with hematite (iron ore). This is a great natural earthy colour. A bead has also been turned on the inside of the bowl.

This is a very special piece and will make an ideal Christmas gift for someone special.

The finished piece.
Stunning decoration with the natural colour of the hematite

This piece is now available to purchase :-∅/