Let me introduce you to the latest member of our family.

When you can make a shaving angel with your tail you’re happy.

This is MONTY

He is a 9 week old fox red lab and has been with us for a week now.

Now its only been a couple of years since we had a dog, but about 16 years since we had a pup 😱😂😂. We are a little bit bleary eyed, but he is great fun and just wants to learn and please.

When he is older we hope he will enjoy going between the workshop and the gallery meeting people.

But for now

That’s my garden

He can gaze

This is comfy honest


My new friend

Play with our granddog

This is my sofa now, I intend to grow in to it.

And sleep some more.

You will no doubt see him popping up in photos regularly from now on, either intentionally or just because he’s there.