February is over, where did it go. It’s a good month which happens to be when my birthday falls, not to mention my step-daughters birthday and valentines day. We are not short of flowers just now😉🤣.

After a long period of snow (some amazing drifts), the month has ended spring like. The 1st frog spawn has appeared in the pond,

and we visited a place on Orkney neither of us had been to before. That in it’s self is a bit shocking bearing in mind the size of the place and the length of time we have been here. (Michael born here, me 30 yrs)

The place is called  Olav’s wood it is absolutely stunning. The 1st planting was done in the 1970s followed by major planting beginning in the 1980s. The wood is on private land and follows down a small valley with a stream. It is looked after by the owners and is kept very natural and magical. There is a mixture of deciduous and coniferous trees with the odd exotic thrown in. The thing that made it for me was the sound of the birds. We have found a gem and will be returning to enjoy it over the coming seasons.

Here are some photos

If you get a chance it’s a great place to visit.

The following day, still on a high, we got out the sawmill to process a couple of logs in the yard. They were not very big logs, but it cuts down on a lot of work if they are initially processed on the mill. I took a short video of Mr Orkwoodturner at work, have a little look with a cuppa.


Its been excellent having a run of such lovely weather, I know it is not going to last, but we have been making the most of it and topping up on the old Vit D.

Hope you are all well and safe.