Michael has always been fascinated by the shapes and designs of the pottery bowls used by the Neolithic people. This can be the stunning round bottomed bowls known as Unstan ware with their geometric carved decoration added generally around the shaped rim. Or, the distinctive Grooved ware pots. The inspiration is endless. We have been very honoured to be invited to look at finds at the Ness of Brodgar, bowls, decorated stones and the incredible tools they used to add decoration to their pots. It’s wonderful to see that these ancient people decorated even every day pots, but also that it was important enough to make tools to apply that decoration.

We are now delighted to be starting an exciting new collaboration with The Ness of Brodgar. This was launched yesterday, Saturday Nov 14th 2020, via the newsletter produced by the Ness. A bowl a month will be featured and the profits from the sale will go to the Ness.   

The 1st bowl will be published today

We are presently all trying to get through these strange times and having to do things in very different ways. We haven’t been able to open our gallery this year and The Ness is in this same strange position. 

Together we came up with the idea of the collaboration which we hope you will find interesting.

There is lots of information and pictures of the Ness of Brodgar on their website.

The Ness of Brodgar