This is a new monthly magazine which is inside The Herald.

Best of Scotland is a new premium guide to the greatest people, places, entertainment, gastronomic pleasures and gratifying pursuits across the country. They are hoping to shine a spotlight upon everything the makes Scotland the best ‘wee’ country in the world. The idea is you will find inspirational ideas – everything from food trends, cocktails and craft spirits, family activities, new Scottish travel destinations, local characters, environmental projects, Scottish produces, authentic arts and crafts, folk history, art, pop culture, home improvements, gardening, health, well-being and real local stories.

Quoted from the magazine

Is Orkney going to be featured, well yes in the October addition and hopefully it will continue to be featured in the future. In this issue there is a piece about ‘Trees worth a visit’ featuring Olav’s wood in South Ronaldsay.

And US 👏👏👏👏. We have been featured in a section ‘A collection inspired by Scottish heritage, the natural world and a desire to look after the planet’. We are delighted.

So get yourself a copy or view online. The Herald on Sunday