In my last blog I mentioned Autumn and it isn’t disappointing us. Now, generally, here in beautiful Orkney there is usually a hoolie around September (the equinoctial gales). This usually strips the leaves off the trees before they get a chance to change colours.

However this year the weather has been very calm, cool, with some heavy rain, which isn’t quite so bad for beautiful Orkney. The forecast is going to change next week so I have been out and about taking a few pictures around the garden.

Before that some other news. More stocks for the winter. Our new ‘allotment’ has been very productive. We have been eating tatties, peas, green beans, beetroot, kohl rabi, tomatoes, courgettes etc etc etc and also doing lots of preserving. The season is drawing to a close and the tomatos needed to be cleared. I harvested what was left on the vines and was very surprised to find there was 5 kilos of unripe and green tomatoes. We have lots of chutneys so green tomato marmalade was the decision. 


I also collected the rose hips from the rosa rugosa around the garden. Prep for these is not the best job, but we have now got some gorgeous rose hip syrup, some of which Michael is going to put with the elderflower wine we made in the summer and make a white vinegar.

Some of the beds in the greenhouses are now clear and have had compost mixed into them. I have now planted seedlings of chard and cabbage amongst other winter greens and of course garlic and onion for next year.

Back to the garden and autumn colour.


The colour of some of the shrubs is amazing.

The sycamores are loosing their leaves, scattering them on the grass paths.

The oaks are looking amazing too


And the low winter light looks stunning on the pond, casting wonderful shadows. The water lilly has been great this year and is now going into winer mode.


There is still some colour in the garden with the montbretia and a late flowering buddleja.

Hopefully the low pressure will not hit us too hard and we can enjoy autumn for a bit longer.

Hope you are all well and safe.