I don’t know why, but suddenly it has hit me that it is autumn. Nothing wrong with that, don’t get me wrong, but where did the summer go. Well it went because we were so busy I think and have packed so much in. I have a tendency to move on after a project is done and concentrate on the next, forgetting the completed ones. Bearing this in mind I took the camera and went out to asses what had actually been accomplished over the summer.


Extend the bank bed out slightly, opposite the front of the house, introduce some coloured shrubs and some logs for structure and shape the hedges. Hedge clipping has continued through out the summer all around the garden.


Clean and revamp the water feature and clear the hen house area. Rebuild the walls.


Move the big sycamore root stump up the field. The stump has been at the end of the shed and has a fern, current bush and a fuchsia growing from it. It had also been used by a wren to build a nest in. We decided to find it a better more permanent home. We also moved the shed ( or rather get a local builder to). The shed was behind the workshop and is now up at the ‘allotment’ area and very usefully as a potting shed. We then got our local fencing contractor to put in strainers for a new fence that will shelter the ‘allotment’. This is not finished due to the timber shortage. We ordered timber to do the fence back in May, it will arrive sometime!!!!!


The space left after moving the shed and the stump gave us the room to take the container out of the yard and put it behind the shed out of the way. Well a crane did. What an exciting day that was. Lot more room in the yard now for handling logs to go onto the saw mill. A much better space for Michael to work in and a better view from our bedroom.


Path down to the decking area at the pond cleared and reshaped. A new path put in up behind the gallery. Next to this I have put in a hedge of red New Zealand flax and built a low dry stone wall to protect the new plants from the westerly winds. In the spring we will bark this path too.


One of the biggest jobs done steadily over the summer was clearing out the pond. Lots of reeds thinned, areas opened up, duck house reinstated and gravel areas added. It looks great, it looks huge. Next spring I will add in some new plants. I have grown some black iris from seed and have a fantastic gunnera to add to the bog area at the end of the pond amongst other things.


Last year we built a polycrub. This summer, and a bit of the ‘Covid’ effect, we decided to extend our indoor growing facilities allowing us to grow more of our own produce. We bought a Keder which we could build ourselves. The newly moved shed and the fence (when finished) create a sheltered growing area, our ‘allotment’. Again plans – next year we will plant raspberry and blackberry canes next to the fence.

We have moved the picnic table up there to give us a nice area to take a break at.

and created a hard standing outside the polycrub with left over pavers and gravel. Our lounging chairs in crubbie can be brought out on summer days and also this will stop there being a muddy area outside crubbie in the winter.


I do love autumn. The light is amazing and the colours. The dew coming down and the light on the pond give me great joy at the end of the day. The leaves are starting to turn, not often a thing here as the wind usually destroys them before they get a chance to. There is still plenty of colour in the garden and still plenty of produce coming out of our greenhouses. The veg beds outside have a good crop of leeks, carrots, cabbage and sprouts. Hopefully they are in a sheltered enough area to survive until time to harvest them. 

We have had a run of stunning sunny autumnal days, chilly but that’s okay. There was even a show of aurora a couple of nights ago. It is only the end of september, there will be nice days to come and winter is not here by any means.

As for the dreaded C19 we are back in partial lockdown. Our friends and family are not allowed to come here, but we can go to the pub🤣. Joking aside, lets hope we can keep it under control and get through this safe and well as soon as possible. Stay safe guys