So its a very different summer, but I don’t need to remind you of that.

Orkney is full of historic sites, some of which have started to open up again, but most have remained closed.

As part of our summer diary we attend the 2 open days at the Ness of Brodgar dig (for us the most exciting site and active dig here) , however it has not been able to open this year and it has been a real miss. As well as being part of these open days we are also fortunate enough to be able to join the tour that Nick (the site director) gives each year to local guides. On one occasion we were invited to view some of the finds stored in Lochview house, a real treat. Read all about it in one of my blogs. The site is very close to our house and has inspired Michael greatly with his work and as an extra bonus we have made some good friends.

So no dig excitement this year, but living here in the heart of Neolithic Orkney and chats with our new friends means the inspiration carries on.

This bowl is turned from Orkney sycamore and is inspired by Neolithic Grooved ware pottery.

A ‘Petrosphere’. These stunning stone balls have been found all over Orkney. It was an incredible moment when one was found at The Ness of Brodgar. Have a read of their blog – The momentous day we found our carved stone ball  This one is turned from English boxwood, a very dense wood, which suits these fantastic pieces. They are tactile, interesting and fun.

Another Orkney sycamore piece this time inspired by the Unstan ware pottery found.

At the time of this blog these pieces are for sale on the website shop.

We were very honoured recently to be featured in one of The Ness of Brodgar website blogs – Orcadian woodturner inspired by the Neolithic and the Ness   

Hope you are all having a great summer and staying safe.