It seems that every day just now we are harvesting and its fantastic. Could just be a bit of watercress to have with tea or a crafty blackberry or raspberry picked by our granddaughter, but every one is a taste sensation.


It is a while since I had a poly tunnel and veg garden and I think I have forgotten just how tasty homegrown produce is. We have been learning about our Polycrub and Keder and the different growing atmosphere they have. Our Polycrub at the moment is a jungle, we will need to move some of the fruit bushes during the winter to maximise the area and to make life easier for picking. We are also thinking of putting some of the canes outside under net, even here in Orkney we should get a good crop.

Our latest harvest has been the purple carrots. We have been taking from them for a few weeks now, but it was time to harvest them all.

Washed, peeled and cut up I now have purple fingers.


Not sure where the orange one came from 🤣🤣

Now to blanch, vacuum pack and freeze. More tasty treats for the winter. We will now start to eat our way through the carrots growing outside.

Of course as well as this wonderful home growing palaver, Michael has been busy turning. At the moment he is finishing off some bowls for a customer from their own treasured Orkney sycamore tree.

As the summer months continue and we ‘hurtle’ towards autumn we hope you are all well, safe and happy.