Hello everyone and we hope you are all well

So we are on the second 3 week lockdown semester and what have we been doing. 
The weather is fantastic (little windy but this is Orkney) so gardening has been high on my schedule. I have been tidying and mowing and generally getting things squared up after the winter. Spring is making itself known everywhere with buds coming up all over the garden. The trees are sprouting their leaves and plants are emerging from the ground. 
Most days I have been accompanied by the little wren shouting at me and bees zooming about.
I have left every flower going in the garden for the bees, dandelions, daisies, anything that will help them this early on. I also put fondant out (recommended by a bee keeper) to give them a boost. The noisiest helper is our resident pheasant 🤣🤣. 
I do sometimes put my headphones in and listen to music, but less and less at this time of year as nature is music in its own right.



So next to Michael.
He has been upgrading the ducting of the dust extractor. He has had the pipe for a while and not had chance to do it so this is a good time. As with these ‘little jobs’ you never know how it’s going to go. Once the old flexible stuff and pipes in the roof were stripped out there was no turning back.

It went well, all done, working well and looking good. 👏👏👏👏👏 Job done and back to turning.


The old flexible pipes in the roof.                      Get that all removed first.


Making up some sections


Connected up to the extractor in the shed next-door. 1st section in place


Main ducting all in place.


Flexi pipe used for each lathe.

Michael’s time is actually a bit normal, if normal exists, but mine is quite different. No gallery to run giving me time to do somethings I have wanted to do for a while. One being pottery. A friend has bought a kiln and we were hoping to get together in March to do some stuff but needless to say that didn’t happen. She did give me a book and google is your friend. She’s maybe fed up of me phoning all the time too. I am loving it.


A large plate shaped over a flue cap        One of two vases

                                                                          (not sure it will hold water🤣)


A crazy house                                                     A green man wall plaque.


Stay home and stay safe.