That is the 1st weekend of our social distancing/self-isolating. It was strange not having the gallery open and nobody coming down the drive, but no point sitting about. The weather was good. May be this is a chance to get some jobs done. 

Michael decided it would be a good chance to process some logs and as I had the time I was out there taking pics.


One of the elm logs up the field. Michael started by cutting a section off the end.


He then started to section it up.


More carful cutting with the chainsaw, looking at the heart of the tree and shaping it to make blanks for turning. Coffee break needed. Lovely to be able to sit outside on the decking below the pond and listen to the frogs.


Rest of the elm log loaded onto the log arch.               A spalted beach log rolled into



and loaded onto the log arch                                              Safely put in the yard

The next thing to do with these logs will be to put them on the sawmill. That will be another day.


The smaller lumps, Michael has chainsawed up, they are wheelbarrowed down to the workshop and then processed further with the smaller electric chainsaw.

It was a busy and productive weekend.

Stay positive and most of all well.