I am so sorry there has been a lack of blogs and for those who follow us on social media etc, posts.

I have been struggling with a spinal problem. It is an old problem that has reared its ugly head and I have seen far too much of our lovely new hospital, from the inside.

We have not been out and about as much as usual and we have not left the island for about 18 months now, missing a family wedding and catching up with other family and friends across the water and further afield.

We have been busy with the business at home, Michael enjoying turning and producing great pieces of work in his workshop. He has been trying out new techniques and finishes. We are hoping this Corona virus doesn’t effect visitors coming to our beautiful part of the world and dropping past for a browse, chat, visit to the workshop and a coffee over the summer.

We have also been enjoying our new granddaughter, who is now 8 month old. She is an absolute delight, keeping us entertained. We have also enjoyed time with friends here on Orkney.

Now is the time to get going for the summer. I have been tidying the garden and doing some decorating around the house. Our new polycrub is a fantastic thing and has been up to temperatures of 30 degrees over the last week when the sun has been out. I have planted lots of seeds ready for this season as the light is drawing out. We have raspberry and blackberry canes, a vine and a blueberry as well as several strawberry plants. Its a joy to potter about in there out of the wind. We are excited about our first summer of production.

We have just taken up fishing again. We both used to fly fish, but haven’t really been out for a few years. Now we are back to it, although I am not fly fishing as the constant casting is too much. The sea trout season has begun. We have also got one of our friends interested and I think hooked ðŸĪĢðŸĪĢ🐟ðŸŽĢ, she has all the gear and is loving it. 

We only go for an hour just now and haven’t had any luck, but the casting is getting better. There have been some very funny incidents through us girls lack of experience ðŸĪŠðŸ˜–. Michael wanders off leaving us to it and enjoys some quiet time on his own 👍. He is forever glancing over to make sure we are still upright!!!!!!!!!

Our first trip was on the beach below our friends house.

Now there is another advantage to fishing on Orkney and that’s the stunning views. From this beach you are facing hoy and the timing was right to watch the ferry come into Stromness.

The next two trips were down to Gurness. This is a large sandy beach with a rocky headland. Michael wandered around the point and we girls kept our unsteady little feet on the sand.

Again stunning views, this time of Burger hill with the wind turbines. Then panning across from Evie over to the island of Rousay. We were treated to an incredible sunset, which was mind blowing all the way home.

Trip home over the hill from Evie to Dounby with Hoy hills in the distance and the sun gently setting further.

Our latest trip, yesterday evening, was not so scenic with grey clouds and heavy rain showers, but we loved it and as usual followed it with supper and a chat back at the house.

We were watched by a small flock of Oyster Catchers on the beach. Great to see those returning too.

So I am building up strength and with the warmer weather coming (I’m an optimist) we hope to be doing more exciting things over the summer that I can share with you.

Heres hoping this finds you all well and happy.