One advantage of being closed is that I have been able to spend most of the day in our new Polycrub.

It hasn’t affected Michael, he is still busy in his workshop.

The sun has been shinning here in Orkney, but with a cold wind it has been a different temperature in the Polycrub than outside. At one point it was up to 32°, even with the door open it stayed at a fabulous 26°.

I have been steadily planting up seeds for several weeks now, some of which are now growing nicely. The soil in the beds has also warmed up meaning the raspberry and blackberry canes are sprouting, as is the vine, strawberry plants and the blueberry, all newly bought plants.

We are still harvesting winter greens, but are now looking forward to a wide variety of fruit and veg.

Its very exciting and satisfying and is a great way to take your mind off this strange time we are in. It was a great decision, at the end of last year, to put up the Polycrub.



Never far from a coffee while doing the  Polycrub. Seed trays are tucked in under and around the raspberry canes.


Shallots and garlic, planted in the autumn.


Bean shoots pushing their way up and one out, growing by the minute


Pea shoots, part of the winter greens, so sweet and tasty. I am also trying a Bonsai (year 1)

A Pak Choi for tea.👍👍

As we continue to plant, grow and harvest I will continue to bore (inform🤣) you of our results.

I hope you are all well and managing to continue with life as best as possible.