I think one of the timbers that shows the excellent transformation from a tree trunk to a beautiful bowl is spalted beech.

Towards the end of last years summer season we took a trip to Ardersier after meeting Greig here at showtime. (see previous blog ).

The timber was delivered (McAdie & Reeve removals) here on a snowy day earlier this year. The Spalted beech log Michael had picked at the sawmill was cut into 3 to be loaded and unloaded more easily. They were still big lumps!!!!


As well as the Spalted beech we got a sycamore trunk home too. This all makes for a very happy Orkwoodturner.

Michael was keen to see how the spalted beech was. You can see the spalting at the end of the log but until you cut into it you can’t see the full spalting through the log. One of the 3 lumps was picked and Michael started to split it and cut it into blanks.

It was everything we hoped, just beautiful timber.

It didn’t take long before a blank was mounted on the lathe.

And here are some of the results now they are dry and finished with their coats of oil. Stunning I hope you will agree. These have sold straight away, but there are more turned and drying and will be ready for the gallery soon.