Michael has been enjoying making a couple of new and interesting pieces over the last wee while and I thought I would show them to you and explain them.


A limed and textured oak bowl finished with wax. A natural crack has been decorated with 2 blackwood studs and an Edinburgh hallmarked, with makers mark, silver staple. This is a stunning bowl on its own, but is greatly enhanced with a blackwood teardrop. The blackwood has been turned, sanded and polished to a high standard. Turned beaded detail has been added to give this tactile piece an extra dimension and a little silver stud  has been inlayed. An exquisite piece that is, stunning, fun and very decorative.

Available online and in our gallery



Again we have a limed oak bowl finished with wax. A shallow bowl this time with a Neolithic inspired ‘Cushion stone’ carved out of burr elm and polished. The cushion stones are a bit of a mystery. They are not just pebbles but have been deliberately made and polished from a larger stones. Were they a hammer type tool, or a kind of anvil? This again is a beautifully tactile piece and would be a great talking point.



Piece is sold and will be heading off to one of our regular customers in America



Prime-Eval. This is a larger bowl turned from sycamore. The decoration around the top has been hand carved and coloured using hematite (iron ore). The carvings are inspired by prime numbers which have fascinated people for thousands of years from the ancient Greeks right up to modern use in computer cryptography

Available in our gallery

Each piece Michael makes is unique. He is very inspired by the Neolithic finds here in Orkney, the colours of Orkney and little nods to his previous career at sea, but other inspirations like the prime numbers also fascinate him and creep into his work.