Vanishing Points is an exhibition currently on at The Orkney Museum, Tankerness House in Kirkwall. The exhibition shows the paintings by Jeanne B Rose who was one of the resident artists at the Ness of Brodgar last summer. As well as Jeannes work there are some finds on display, interesting tools of the trade of archaeologists and artists and some 3D VR work by Jim Bright. We really enjoyed the exhibition and another wander round the museum in general. The exhibition runs until the 2nd of February 2019 so there is still time to get along and have a look for yourselves. For those of you not in Orkney I took a few quick snaps.

Cabinet contains tools used by the diggers and by the guys looking at the finds
Some of the stone finds with markings and a note book. The book by Antonia Thomas we have and it is fantastic.
One of Jeannes larger canvases. Mr Orkwoodturner as usual engrossed in the finds
Beautiful carved stones from the Ness
Right in the middle of the room, in a cabinet of its own, is this beautiful ‘Petrosphere’

Hope you enjoyed this wee snapshot and it managed to give you a bit of a feel of the exhibition.