What do you do on a cold but bonny January day – get out the chainsaw of course.

A while ago we bought a beech tree trunk. Beech is great for spalting ( this is where the timber is starting the rotting process as the fungus forms. As different fungi meet they create battle lines which are black and dark brown lines running through the wood). The patterns of the spalting are beautiful and look fantastic in the lighter colour of the beech wood. We had some spalted beech before so Michael had put a few pieces of that log under the new trunks and we crossed or fingers. The only time you can see if anything has happened is when you come to cut the trunk up and as it is a decaying process you have to hope it hasn’t gone too far.



Slice taken off the end of the trunk so we can now see the spalting, an exciting moment
Slicing the trunk into bowl blanks. The beautiful pattern effects in the wood really stand out
The large chainsawed slabs stacked on a pallet outside the workshop. These will not all be used this size they will be cut on the bandsaw into smaller blanks.
However he decided to turn one large statement piece. (watch out for a future blog on this)
An earlier piece made from spalted beech.