A couple we are good friends with live in Burray over the barriers and yesterday we were invited down for a late lunch of Cassoulet. Rosemary is an excellent cook and food writer with 19 cookbooks under her belt. Nick is excellent company with a great sense of humour, so all in all we didn’t take any persuading.

The other fantastic part to this is the run down to Burray is stunning and when you arrive the view from their up-side-down wooden house facing over the bay is something to behold. As we sat chatting and filling ourselves the night fell and the full moon rose casting beautiful light over the bay. This was the night of the super, wolf, blood moon, but unfortunately when it was due to be at its best it had clouded over, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Sky over Scapa flow
The Safe Caledonia, an accommodation rig in the flow
The Italian Chapel
Wrecks off the 2nd barrier. Lambs Holm to Glimps Holm
St Mary’s looking back from the barrier
Wreck off the 3rd barrier
Stunning skies
The village of Burray
Crossing over at Echna Loch
The 4th barrier
looking out to Copinsay
A panoramic view of the bay east side of the 4th barrier
Night falling.