Last day of the October break for the schools, clocks change tomorrow and the wind is storming down from the north I feel it’s time to say summer is behind us.

BUT what a great one it has been!!!!!

The weather has been exceptional. Poor Mr.Orkwoodturner has occasionally melted 😓☀️. Being a local we recon anything over about 20ᵒc is too much, although he has enjoyed many chances to cook outside. We have made great use of the new decking and Joe.

The garden has done remarkably well and is really maturing.

The pond has also flourished, the fish, frogs, snails, plants and also the insects and other critters that it attracts.

As for the business, it has been a great year again. We have been lucky to welcome visitors from around the world as well as closer to home, all very interesting and we love meeting them and having a chat. I have learnt lots this year on many subjects (every day is a school day) and we hope they have enjoyed their visit here too. We have a visitors book and an Atlas (idea from The Barony Mill, great idea too). Customers can write in the book and mark where they are from on the Atlas. Thought I would share a few.



Especially love this one🤣  

We often get customers taking a picture of their purchase in situ. This is one by Sue Fidler who purchased this little Orkney sycamore bowl turned from the branches of a fantastic tree which had to be liberated out of a garden in Kirkwall to make room for a house to be built. It was placed on the trunk of this tree which is still in our yard. 

Well Christmas will be up on us before we can say ho ho ho.🎄🎄🎁

I have extended the shop on the webpage, give it a look, some great pieces that would make lovely gifts.