Now I must say I am an optimist (unlike Mr Orkwoodturner) and I believe there is a lot of good weather to come yet, but as the likely hood of gales in September are high I thought I would just take some snaps round the garden. A lot of the plants I grow are designed to either loose their foliage or even completely disappear for the winter, which makes for a higher survival rate. However, it does mean that the garden can loose its sparkle quickly should we get high winds in the near future (you can see this in the leaves on the sycamore trees). As I have said I am an optimist and hope this will be nearer the end of the month, the fish are feeding well, there are lots of bees and other insects about, after a fantastic summer the garden is flourishing, and the electricity bill is still low !!!! (plenty of sunshine, evening light and no heating needed). Autumn is looming though, how do I know this? well Bake Off has started and Strictly Come Dancing is round the corner. It is now dark when we go to bed and we have had some beautiful clear skies, big moons and a couple of shows of  Northern Lights already. I am collecting seeds round the garden and placing little tree saplings in sheltered nooks and crannies ready for next year, I have  some tentative plans in mind for areas of the garden in 2019. Although a few more weeks of good weather wouldn’t go a miss I look forward to the winter too, the change in the landscape, wild seas, catching up with friends we never get chance to see over the summer, evenings of cards and maybe a PJ day in front of the TV. Anyway too soon for all that. Heres the photos, enjoy.