A visit from our German relatives.

We have been lucky enough to have my brother and his wife here from Germany for a few days, so we went into tourist mode. Here’s a little photo snapshot of our time with them.

Sunday evening

Lots of chat and a wander round the garden. Meal in Lucano in Kirkwall which was excellent.


A combined effort in the kitchen produced eggs benedict for breakfast, yum, a great start.


Just down the road to the back of the Harray Loch and a look across to The Ness of Brodgar ( as I’m writing this there has been a spectacular Axe found in structure 10) and the Ring of Brodgar

With the sun shining a visit to the Ring of Brodgar was calling


Although you have to stay on the outer path it’s still an incredible place. The weathering on some of the stones is beautiful. There were 3 coach loads of people there, but I still managed to get a few pics looking as if we had the place to ourselves.


Onto Skaill. The bay looked beautiful and the Oyster catchers were resting in the field on mass, but our destination was a visit to the little Kirk there. Well worth a visit too. Some of the grave stones have moved and look fantastic, but are creating a bit of a headache for the council me thinks.

We moved onto Marwick and did a bit of beachcombing, went to the Orkney brewery for coffee and cake and then took a run down into Stromness for a wonder and a bit of light retail.


On the way home we went in by The Unstan Tomb and then relaxed in the sun and cooked fresh pizza on Joe. A glass of wine or two, lots of chat, a chill by the pond and feed the fish, then finally get our heads down as tomorrow will be another day.


Orkney beef brisket put in Joe for a long and slow.

Kirkwall today. These beautiful guys take people tours around the town.

It was sunny again and very busy with 2 cruise liners being anchored in the bay, but there was an excellent buzz about the place and the shops were good. Can’t remember the last time I wandered about and had a good look round. Some purchases were made. We made our way to The Old Library for lunch and a look at the latest exhibition and then we left the family to their own devices while we returned to finish the prep on the Brisket and all that was going to be served with it.

Another great evening, good food, excellent company and a lovely end to another full day.


Down over the barriers today

After a stop in by Susan Walls Ceramics (small bowl purchased) and Celina Rupp jewellery (ring purchased, and several items on the Christmas list) we drove out to Hoxa.

Now this is when I should have heard alarm bells. My lovely brud makes tables, picture frames etc from old scaffolding boards and after a previous visit to Orkney when he found a piece of old drifted cast iron on a beach, which he incorporated into a table, he has wanted to see if he could find more pieces of metal to use. As we arrived at Hoxa in the sunshine I took this photo.

He was on a mission – this backpack did not contain a chilled bottle of wine and maybe a bit of delicate smoked salmon oh no it was empty – for now.



Although the rest of the guys were beach combing with a vengeance I had drifted off. The wild life and some beautiful marked stones had caught my eye and much excitement, well for me a special find. I have lived here for 27 years now and this is the 1st Groatie Buckie I have found, magic. Not sure if the weather helped as most of our beach combing is done in winter with drippy noses and numb fingers, we like a challenge.


The rest of the gang were very busy, watched by a new arrival of tourists to our beautiful island. Groatie Buckie stashed safely in my pocket I joined in. The beach was rich with suitable old bits of metal and we had to make several trips back to the poor BMW. Once back at our house the pieces were laid out and ideas started to flow we are looking forward to seeing what he makes.


Once loaded up we cleaned up a bit and headed on our way. Hoxa Tapestry next, pictures purchased, by Jo ThomsonRobertsons Coffee Hoose now to refuel and very good it was too. Back over the hill and down to the Deerness distillery. A bottle of Gin for the guys and a Vodka for us. Love the Gin, but never tried the Voka and it was excellent.

Home now as the guys needed to pack up ready for their early start tomorrow. While they did that I helped Michael cook black pudding with monkfish and lemon butter sauce. Another lovely evening of good food and excellent company. Trying not to think about the fact it was our last evening.

Thursday 5.30am

Off they go for the early boat 😭

Miss you guys, hope you had as much fun as us and see you soon. xxxxx