No more building !!

How often have we said this 😂. Well it wasn’t too big a build, although it has taken a while as it has been too hot to work outside, yes really too hot, well for us!!

We needed a platform to take ‘Joe‘ out on at all times of the year and while we were doing it we thought we would make it an area where we can sit, cook, have friends, chill and still make the most of the ‘dining room’ shed for if it drops chilly or rains.

Due to our location and the idea of using it all year round, it needed to be useful but strongly constructed. We have a tendency to over engineer things anyway.

Sleepers make a great base. We used them under the shed and the bit of decking that is already there. They were slotted in under the original decking till they were all in place and then levelled using slate.


We decided to use heavy long strainers for the posts as we can attach a canvas sheet across the top in the summer for a bit of shelter if required. A cooler evening gave us the opportunity to dig the holes, at this point Mr Orkwoodturner again mentioned the usefulness of having a little digger !!!!! NO, there would be holes everywhere 🤣 .


6 x 2 s make excellent decking with chicken wire stretched over the top to stop them being slippery in the winter. It was taking shape, however at this point I realised I had under-ordered the timber. We now had a gap in the decking just right to break an ankle! and also not enough for the rails. Thankfully a friend of ours dropped by the timber yard and collected the bits needed (weekend upon us and no deliveries) and we could crack on. Cheers Martin 👍


Decking finished, rails in, boarding begins.

Top rail added, all painted with wood stain and blue on the top rail, furniture and lights added. DONE. Joe wheeled out of the shed into place and we’re ready to go.


The weather has turned and we are now in for wind and rain, typical, will have to wait for it to blow over or the survival suits will be dug out of the shed and we’ll BBQ anyway. Tempting 😋🥩🍗🍤🍻