Its been a great few weeks of weather (infact we could do with some rain, but frightened to say that incase it doesn’t stop)

Our pick-up went in for a service so we had this little red car to run about in, very different, but quite a nice change.

One of our projects at the moment is to extend the decking on ‘The dining room’ and enclose it a bit with a low fence so we can get some shelter from the wrong ert of wind when cooking with ‘Joe’ ( Kamado Joe). We are really loving cooking outside and think it will be worth the work!!!!! (not sure MrOrk will agree just now)


The other project we have been doing is putting in a water feature up by the gallery. Now this has been a labour of love with several highs and slightly more lows. Gardening is my thing, but I had to involve Mr Orkwoodturner at times, he was very good and helped, but not sure it would ever happen again. I have idealistic images of things, he has practical ideas, a great help, but not always in sink! My original idea came about while watching an old Ground Force, but without Charlie and Tommy oh and about £2k that was never going to happen. Keeping a few ideas from that, the Yorkshire garden at Chelsea and a practical husband it’s done and we are really pleased with it. There is just enough noise with the water and once the plants grow in it will fit in nicely with the surrounding area.


The wild life has been very active too.The pond is full of tadpoles, but as well as that it’s not many days you don’t see a frog somewhere in the garden. The wren is nesting, the swallows are back and the starlings are already feeding fat young birds on the lawn.


Things are growing fast and strong and that includes the rhubarb, so it would have been bad of me not to use it .

We have been very busy in the gallery with a wide variety of people of all nationalities. Michael was also asked to do a commission piece for a local guy. Although he has been retired for 20yrs he used to work for the Hydro and was part of the gang working when the cable was laid across the Pentland Firth. He decided to keep a slice of cable (No scale in the photo but the cable is about 7″ in diameter and the slice was about 3″ wide) and has had it screwed to the wall in his shed all this time. Michael turned this elm bowl, cleaned up the cable and now it can sit pride of place in their sitting room.

Well it’s been cloudy and cooler today (although we have again made tea in Joe), still no rain and none forecast for a while. Here’s to another few weeks of summer, hopefully.