A very busy and interesting week

We have been very busy in the gallery with lots of visitors, local, national and international, love talking to them all. (I have such a hard job !!!!)

Michael has had a very sociable week too with visits from 2 fellow woodturners.

Tony Nicol, a Twitter friend from Aberdeenshire and Craig Watson from Louisiana and their wives. Both were very interesting to talk to and seemed to enjoy Michael’s work. I had a great chat away from woodturning with their other halves on each occasion, about gardening etc over coffee and local goodies with the men eventually venturing out of the workshop to join us enticed by a cuppa and a bun.



He also had a visit from Michael Johnson, a really nice guy from The Glasgow School Of Art conducting a short research project on craft makers in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and their relationship to the place. Michael was one of several makers interviewed in Orkney, well out of his comfort zone, but he was made to feel relaxed and quite enjoyed it. We look forward to seeing the results.


In-between all this MrOrkwoodturner has been busy in the workshop with 2 very different pieces, and a stunning large yew bowl going into the gallery.



The weather has been good to us all week, so I have been taking advantage of this in the evenings and have several projects on the go. The rhubarb is growing fast, so gin had to be made!, new water feature is slowly coming together and an extended area for Joe (our BBQ) has been prepped (had hubby to help with that)



Last night, in need of a chill, we took a G&T down to the pond and watched the world go by. The little wren was working hard and being very noisy about it. The fish were feeding well and having fun at the same time. It’s the most we have seen for a while. They seem to be appearing from every reeded area, heartwarming to see how many had made it through a very cold winter. We had a nice relaxed drink listening to the wildlife on a calm, warm evening and on the odd occasion put the world to rights.




Great start to the summer, hope the same goes for you guys.