It was beautiful yesterday evening, cold, but the light was fantastic, so I peeled Mr Orkwoodturner out of his shed and we headed to the beach to hunt for Groatie Buckies. Well all the years I have been here I have never found one and what do you know……………….I still haven’t!!!!!

We decided to move over to Marwick Bay, not necessarily for Groatie Buckies, but it is one of our favorite places. Instead of going down to the shore we headed up the hill to Kitcheners Memorial. Two years ago it was given a make-over for the centenary. A memorial wall was added around the front of it for the rest of the men that were lost in the sinking of the Hampshire. It was suggested to open the tower up and have a viewing area on the top, but that didn’t happen, unfortunately. The tower does sit on the top of the cliffs, so the views are pretty incredible just from the base of it. We did meet a couple of locals, but besides that it was just us, the birds and the hares, wonderful.

We made it home as the sun was setting, just, finishing our day with a beer and pizza. A good, no very good day.


Evie beach


Old Boom defence                                                  Skate purse


Kitcheners Memorial                                            Fulmars (named here Mallimacs)


Looking over to Dounby



New memorial wall



Old Man of Hoy in the distance