Little picture look through the last month or so.

Michael has been busy in his workshop as usual, taking some time out to watch the rugby (6 nations) and help my lovely step-daughter and her husband fit a new kitchen.

11          9


This was the 1st picture we got when Mik (home alone, Ross at work) decided to start taking the old kitchen out At this point the new kitchen was ordered, however was not here!!!!!. That’s all in the past now and the second photo shows the results of their hard work, with a little help and moral support here and there. Would they do it again, may be not, but I hope they did enjoy some of the experience. 🤨🤩🤣👍


I took a run out to the airport to renew our display in the Orkney Craft Association cabinet.

16            8

I also had a birthday. Don’t go over-board with celebrations these days, too old for that 🤭, but had some nice presents including a gorilla tripod and some new lights. Mr Orkwoodturners birthday is in a few days time and he really doesn’t take them well😒. Off to the mainland for a couple of days so we will have a meal somewhere and buy timber !!!!!

Meet the maker 2 

Michaels RPT smocks came home, so I got him to strike a pose.


We had a meet the makers day to mark the end of the exhibition. It went really well with lots of interest, a piece commissioned and good craic between the makers. The exhibition had also been extended and now ends tomorrow 21st march 2018. Think we can put it down to being a big success.


The heron has been in again to the pond, so I had to step up the scarers. It really is a shame he is so beautiful, but got to look after our fish 1st. The pond not looking its best strung with bits of cloth attached to orange twine, but hopefully it will do the job and once the reeds spring up the fish will have enough cover so I can remove it all.


The ‘Beast from the east’ came into Orkney and slowed everything down a bit. Had to open up the pond 2 or 3 times a day. Keeping water for the hens and wild birds was a bit of a challenge too. We have had a lot of snow this year, not usual for Orkney and if it does come it doesn’t usually stay (salt air), but this stayed and deepened. The plus side is we have had some beautiful crisp mornings, fantastic star filled skies at night and the glory that is the Aurora (Northern lights or Merry dancers)

1_edited-1 2_edited-1 3_edited-1 

Didn’t quite get the focus right, but not a bad effort in the dark and oh so cold 🤧. However took these from just outside our back door, yet another reason why it is such a great place to live.


Flowers have filled the house for several weeks what with a birthday and these beautiful step-mothers day flowers 😍

5                           10

Small signs of spring creeping in. The frogs certainly have been busy!!!!


We have another little project on the go. More to follow on that when it’s completed, watch this space.


Nearly the end of the season for the camera club and the last few competitions. One to go, yearly competition, projected images. Images are in and being judged, results next week. From the yearly competition, prints, judged by a local artist my Chatsworth door B&W got highly commended and

1 Bees delight_edited-1                           19   

Mr bee got a 1st                                                                      and this little guy got a 2nd

M3 1803 Darkness Colour projected image. 1st Merry dancers                             M3 1803 Darkness Monochrome projected image. 2nd Midnight Baker

A bit of studio play photography got me a 1st and 2nd in an earlier competition. They were great fun to do, but the flour dust is still settling. 🤣

So that’s a little snap shot of life from an Orkney woodturner’s wife. We have already started to see a few visitors to our beautiful part of the world and have welcomed the 1st cruise liner of the season so come on longer days and warmer weather lets have a good summer. 🥂☀️🤗