Thursday/Friday we headed over the water to collect some timber from Cromartie Timber.  This is a few snap shots of the journey. It’s a beautiful run of about 2 hours each way. Full sunshine on the way down, lots of cloud and wet on the return run. Night in Tulloch Castle, which was excellent. All photos were taken through the car window while moving so sorry for some poor quality. Hope you enjoy


Sailing past The Old Man of Hoy                     Getting ready to disembark


Port of Scrasbster                                         Causeymire Wind farm, Achkeepster. 


A9 following the East coast down from Latheron


Berriedale Braes coming from the north with the road up the other side winding through the trees.

(On the hill) One of 2 towers built and paid for by the Duke of Portland to house lights to guide fishermen to the mouth of the river.  There are actually 2 rivers which meet a short distance from the sea, The Langwell Water and Berriedale Water.


A little further on at Brora, still with stunning views to the left we pass Clynelish distillery to the right.


Just before Golspie we pass Dunrobin Castle


Up on Ben Bhraggie to the right is the Duke of Sutherland’s statue. Now quite a controversial monument because of the part he played in the Highland clearances. On the seaward side a fleeting look at Loch Fleet.


Looking north over Loch Fleet, touch of snow still on the hills and The Duke of Sutherland statue again.

A slight detour off the A9 into Invergordon (where Mr Orkwoodturner spent some of his childhood). A jack-up rig in the dock at the base in Invergordon.


Rigs in the Cromarty Firth

View south towards the Cromarty bridge which heads you to Inverness. We turned off before crossing the bridge to Dingwall and Tulloch Castle.



Our digs for the night.