Happy New Year everybody. We hope you had a great time over Christmas and Hogmanay with all the usual problems of over eating, may be the odd hangover and a little soreness from laughter and fun. Some guys may have a little more soreness from participation in the Christmas and New Year Kirkwall ‘Ba’ and the Stromness log pull, but hopefully nothing that won’t mend. My poor brud in Germany spent his Christmas in bed with man flu and had to cancel his New Year trip to the UK. All better now and back to work.

Jan6 Jan4

Christmas lunch was going to be cooked in Kamado Joe, but the weather was against us so our rib roast was sous vide for 24hours and was delicious served with all the trimmings. It appears, to get the winter use of ‘Joe’, we will need to build him a shed of his own this summer. You can never have too many sheds!!!!!!!

Jan5 Jan7

We have been quite well behaved this year with a couple of social parties, restraining ourselves from over indulging. Little dog developed a sore mouth again and had a couple of vets visits, but is back to her normal self and having to put up with me cleaning her teeth, which unfortunately is a bit of a battle. Wish she would understand it’s that or back to the vets.

We have done a bit of work over the holiday, mainly in the Gallery, giving it a facelift. A change round, some new shelves and a coat of paint finishing up with the floor being oiled. We are now ready to open again tomorrow.

We also went to collect a drifted log, pitch pine possibly, will see if it makes anything. It wasn’t too bad for sea worm. As we were kitted up and the ground was frozen, we spent a couple of hours working with the new log arch getting some yew and elm ready for the saw mill.

Jan3 Jan2

To top it all, just before Christmas we received an email welcoming Michael onto the Register of Professional Turners. Best Christmas present ever.


Looking forward to 2018 and meeting new visitors from far and wide It still amazes me, where different pieces Michael has made have travelled to, Japan, America, Dubai and Australia to mention a few.

Here’s to a good year for everyone.