So three weeks into January already, where does the time go. We have been hit with a very wintery spell of weather. Snow has been lying for several days now. Yes it’s the time of year for it, but Orkney is not known for snow sticking due to being an Island and the salt spray etc etc. Last snowy winter was back in 2010 we think. One thing to say is, it is a lot better than the dull, windy, wet days we usually get and has returned to us today. Back to very little daylight and lots of flooding me thinks. Few challenges while so cold, deicing a bit of pond for the fish, feeding hens and wild birds, lack of post, nothing too serious.

Saturday morning was especially beautiful with times of blue sky and bright sunshine and an atmospheric low lying frosty mist.

DSCN1776 DSCN1778 DSCN1782 DSCN1787 DSCN1798 

While I have been out and about with the camera and occasionally a snow shovel Michael has been busy in the workshop. He has an exhibition in Kirkwall next month which has focused him somewhat since the holidays.

IMG_2095 IMG_2031 IMG_0813 IMG_0803 IMG_0808

We got the nod about some local timber, rowan and wild cherry, not big pieces but hopefully will make something. Always excited when we can get local wood.

We have managed to stay well so far with all these nasty bugs about, hope that continues and we hope you are all well too.