Where does the time go? Time flies when you’re having fun they say !!!!!!! and I am.😂😊

Over the last couple of days Christmas has hit our household hard, trees are up🎄, mince pies are baked, extremely boozy Christmas cake is iced 🎂and all gifts are wrapped 🎁. Despite all this Mr.Orkwoodturner is still a Ba-Humbug, but this is the norm and nothing to worry about😖.

IMG_1858 IMG_1862

*The trees, yep trees, well I love having a Christmas tree, but would not have gone for 2, however, after ordering one and it not arriving I panicked and ordered another, then they both came🤔.

*The cake. This year I have been making rhubarb gin (rhubarb grows exceptionally well here) and then I thought ‘Christmas gin’, as you do. So into the demijohn went Gin, dried fruit, spices and sugar. After 3 weeks I strained it and bottled it. Not wanting to waste the ingredients it occurred to me to use them to make the Christmas cake. This all happened back in October and the cake has been steadily fed brandy since. (Cake or drive will be the choice for our visitors this yuletide, spare room available 😆) As for the gin, lovely and not a lot of it has made it to Christmas. (Not all drunk by us honest, we do share, sometimes 😜)


Mr.Orkwoodturner has been beavering away in his workshop keeping the gallery stocked while I have been looking after said gallery and the internet. Despite storm Caroline followed by snow and ice there have been people out and about, not a lot stops folk here, although storm Caroline 🌊💨was a bit exciting for a while.

IMG_1851 IMG_1849


We hope you all are enjoying the last run up to Christmas. Stay safe, well and take time to relax during the Christmas chaos 🤗