A working mill

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This morning we went over to Barony mill where a friend of ours is now working. This is an old, fully working mill using mainly Bere. Bere is a type of barley which used to be grown prolifically in Orkney, not so much now, but thankfully its popularity is increasing rapidly giving Bere meal and the mill a future. One of the traditional recipes is Bere Bannock, one of my favorites. For all details, where to buy the meal and recipes go to Barony Mill. If possible, go a visit. They are open during the summer for tours. You will not be disappointed.

The mechanism which runs the mill is very old, but the whole process from drying, to milling, to bagging and even the mill race and water wheel itself is fascinating, eviromently friendly and very very efficient for both the workers and the product AND a photographers’ paradise.🤗📷


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