I have been collecting old Lignum Vitae bowling balls lately, antique shops, online etc. They are really cool and some have made their way into the centre of our table, a talking point at times, although most people seem to expect things like that from us 😏 and just say nothing.

IMG_1576     IMG_0553_edited-1 

Anyway Mr Orkwoodturner disappeared off to his workshop with one the other day and turned a ‘Petrosphere’ .It has worked so well and is rather beautiful, so tactile and a great weight, can’t put it down.

IMG_1580_edited-1    IMG_1588_edited-1

IMG_1597_edited-1    IMG_1600_edited-1

IMG_1609_edited-1    IMG_1610_edited-1

The idea of turning an old item, which is now made from modern materials, and giving it a new form just really appeals to us. Maybe they won’t be sitting in the middle of the table for much longer.

🤔 Umm what next!!!!!🤣