Yippee the new decking is done, bit late in the year I know, but beautiful here today so we’ll get one days use this year 😉😉.


So why – well we have been considering this for some time as we spend many an evening perched on the bank watching the fish feed and the swallows sweeping in for flies. Lately MrOrkwoodturner has been chatting to frogs (not as a result of beer🍺). There have been bull frogs calling to each other and he has got the noise spot on and now joins the chat. 🐸While we are on the subject of frogs we have been having a real issue walking in the long grass round the pond without stepping on all the little guys so we will now hopefully be able to see them better and avoid them. We have left under the decking open to give them another place to hide away, but lets be honest about the real reason, we are not getting any younger 😖and a comfy seat is always a bonus.🤣


We had to buy the 6x2s for the deck and we decided to get a couple of solid chairs, but the rest was all timber etc. left over from other jobs.

We finished it last night and although it wasn’t the best of evenings we topped it out with a beer.🍻


Today the sun is out and it is lovely and warm, 🌝so breakfast for us 🥐and the fish was served. Hope the weather holds and we can enjoy our evening down in our new favourite spot. Little dog is quite impressed too.🐾

D6 D7

Area through willows cleared and pond bank levelled.

D8 D9

Timber for decking laid and couple of steps put in

D13 D12

Fence made using fencing stabs woven with counter battens.

D16 D17

A bit chilly but had to be. We got an hour before the rain came again. 

D15 D14

D5 D4 D1 D3

Beautiful morning. 🤞weather holds till this evening.