Yum yum yum what more can I say. 😜1st cooking experience with our Kamado Joe last night. We have ummed and arrred about getting one of these for a while and decided it could be our end of season treat. May be not the best time of year to buy one, but we are hoping to use it through the winter🤧🌨 (not be the 1st time anybody has BBQed in a survival suit!!!!!!!!!) Well perhaps we are a little insane,😳 but in a good way hopefully😆. Me, Mrorkwoodturner and the little dog had a great evening.

DSCN0897 DSCN0898

We lit it a 4pm just after we had closed the gallery for the day. Michael had spent a couple of hours on the shed roof in the afternoon removing a chimney, which had serviced one of the forges before we swopped the sheds around. We had a spare sheet for the roof and you would have no idea now there was even a chimney there, excellent. Lovely views up there, been a while since I’ve been on the roof so took a couple of snaps.

DSCN0887 DSCN0888

Anyway back to ‘Joe’. As the book said it took just 30mins to get to temp and on went the spatchcocked chicken. Not long after the smells were already flooding the area (kept the little dog happy). Fed the fish and watched them for a while, sipping a homemade rhubarb gin and ginger and putting the worlds to right with Mrorkwoodturner.


30 mins past, then on went the sweet tatties, followed by the broccoli, chicken looking great. Bit of garlic mayo made up, !!!!should have put a garlic bulb on ‘Joe’!!!!!!! And tea was served and it’s not even 6pm.

DSCN0903 DSCN0907

Not much discussed for a while, just lots of munching and satisfied sighing, 😋it was so tasty. Joe has been shut down and was resting happily on the patio and was cool enough to go back into ‘The dining room’ (shed) before it went dark. A cracking success. Mrorkwoodturner has checked ‘Joe’ out this morning and all good, as they said, very little coals used, hardly any ash and I’m off to the butchers🍗🍤🍖🌽🥔🍕