Another year done and the cover-up has begun. It must be so frustrating for the guys to have to leave it. There will now be lots of hard work sorting out the finds and raising money for the future. It is such an exciting place and you can find out more about it at


We had great fun at the open days, last Sunday being one. The people are great and the home bakes are wonderful. 😜🍰☕️. They have a large standing stone with a hole in it to get your photo taken, couldn’t persuade mr orkwoodturner, but a bit of photoshop sorted that.



Michael’s take on the Unstan and Grooved ware pottery (in wood), and the ‘Petrospheres (in boxwood) were well received.

DSCN0775 DSCN0776

On the next table was Elaine Henderson

with some lovely pots made by herself and Andrew Appleby     in the same way as Neolithic pottery, fantastic shapes.


A bit further up was Frances Pelly a fantastic sculptor 

but also very knowledgeable about natural colourings like the hematite we use to colour some of the bowls.


Michael made an antler adze and took a lump of timber to hollow with it, mainly for the kids. It was given some bashing (under supervision you understand😂) and stood the test.

DSCN0778 DSCN0777

Around the hall were other people covering all aspects of Neolithic life, all great fun and informational (as they say – everyday is a school day). Watch the video on the dig diary.                            


One of the good things about the day is the chat, catching up with people, meeting new people and the general buzz about the place. Looking forward to next year, hope to see you all there.