This piece was created using several of the techniques Michael uses. We have called it ‘4 points’. It was exhibited at The Pier Arts Centre and now has been purchased for a private collection. The bowl is turned from olive ash 90mm x 480mm∅. On the rim there is inlaid ebony and a tagua nut button. There is also a silver staple which has the Edinburgh hallmark and our makers mark on it. Underneath the bowl there are bands of patterning depicting the authentic patterns found on Neolithic pottery. Sitting in the bowl is a yew teardrop 190mm x 160mm∅ at the widest point. This is decorated with pyrography and also has an inlaid piece of ebony. A natural knot feature was embellished with leather threading. Initially inspired by the stone quern bowls with a grinding stone, but could it be a game of chance, or an ancient navigational aid !!!! you decide.