Spring has arrived, well it did yesterday, but back to winter today😨(That’s Orkney for you). The first few months of the year are always the bleakest with little daylight and all the bright lights of Christmas carefully stored away.

So we have both had a birthday 🎂and our wedding anniversary🍾, the clocks have changed and things are starting to grow and green up around the garden and the landscape in general. Daffodiles and crocus are out, birds are going about with nest material, the pond is full of frogspawn🐸 and the hens are laying, (beautiful dark yolked fresh eggs😋 ) I even spotted a bumble bee🐝 yesterday so I put the feeders out for them, to help them while pollen is short.

We had a run ‘down the road’, which is what we say when we cross over to mainland Scotland and head south. We only went north of Inverness to collect some lumps of ash and a few other bits and then back home to Orkney all in the same day. It was a good run, beautiful weather and a nice change.

DSCN0043 IMG_0291

Other things for us to celebrate! (we live quiet little lives🤗) I managed to get a Ferraby Knife for mr orkwoodturners (it’s a live auction situation and all happens very quick, shook for about an hour afterwards😳). Also, after enjoying the Great Pottery Throwdown we got cups. Love the guy he is very cool and seems to really enjoy life. Have a look at his take on Adele singing Rolling in the deep, a classic🤣.

IMG_0206_edited-1 IMG_0629

We have given our little gallery a make-over and have started to see a few tourists calling by. It’s exciting I love meeting new folk.

DSCN0111 DSCN0112

Well here’s to Spring🥂 and new beginnings and hopefully a warm, sunny☀ summer for everyone to enjoy.