Time is just flying by, you think you have plenty of time to turn round after Christmas, but no😅 the tourist season will be upon us again very soon. We need to be looking at what pieces we are going to put to The Orkney Brewery and Ortak in Kirkwall. We have a few more things in the pipeline too, fingers crossed they work out. 🤞

Good covering of snow here this morning, 🌨soon cleared 🌤revealing all the new buds on the trees and bushes. The daffodils and tulips 🌷🌷are emerging and the days are growing ever longer. Don’t suppose we are out of the woods yet🤔, but spring is in the air and I’m always ‘glass half full’ 👍

Having a look through the catalogue of pieces Michael has made. It is surprising how I have forgotten about some of them and fascinating to see where in the world they are now. This has revved me up and I am excited for this season. Looking forward to meeting more new people from around the world and close to home and maybe catching up with some we met last summer.

Orkney has a lot to offer –

Craftsmen –

Lots to see and do –

Archeology –

Beautiful buildings –

Wartime history –


Beautiful scenery, wildlife, excellent food, fantastic music and a warm welcome