The responsibility !


Well things are a bit different here just now. The youngsters have gone away, to Dubai, 🛫🏜🍹no less, and we are in charge of a big, soft, beautiful black doggie.🐾

DSCF0064 IMG_0241 

However Poppy is in the terrible twos and full of enough energy for everybody and more. This is a constant challenge, Mr & Mrs Ork woodturner are needing to get suited and booted and out and about at regular intervals. This includes visits to our beautiful beaches 🌊  🏖 (not really a hardship), but so so cold🌨🤧.

IMG_0227 IMG_9843

 As usual what happens at Grandads stays at Grandads😉

IMG_0608 IMG_9967

Even a game of pool can be a bit of a challenge and needs the help of a black doggie.


Little dog is trying to keep up as it doesn’t want to miss out!!!! and she is shattered and will need to give up shortly and go back to 23 hrs sleep 😴a day.

George 🐈 now that’s another story, he is a fool. Poppy will not hurt him, but he can’t grasp that🙀. When about the house he sleeps on the pool table or up on a half wall behind the sink, but when Poppy is here he goes low, fool.

Then when evening comes and the tv goes on everybody settles down, all 5 of us on the sofa🛋, asleep😁. May be we should sit on the sofa and watch tv all day📺😳

Before we know it the two weeks will be up, she will go home and the house will be very quiet and we will miss having her about, (except George😸) so the sun is out and throwing the ball will keep us warm –  off to the beach we go.😋

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