The weather is still incredible we have foxgloves flowering, is this what they call an Indian summer, whatever, we’ll enjoy every day and take the winter when it comes. The weather certainly hasn’t let us down this year with a warm summer and now beautiful crisp cold autumnal mornings. We have already had some fabulous shows of the The Aurora Borealis (Northern lights to most of us 😜💫✨☄🌌), and some spectacular rainbows🌈(no gold however much I dig⛏😉). Yesterday we put the garden furniture away and it seemed strange in the sunshine, we had to remind ourselves what the date was.

We had a busy weekend. Michael is dedicating shed space and time to the woodturning so decided to sell his power hammer, which weighs a ton, literally, and is rather top heavy. His pal Ronnie, a loadall, two punctures 😠(annoying), bacon butties and several coffees later it was on the trailer, in one piece 😃.

While the loadall was zipping round the yard a few logs were moved about and a section of oak trunk loaded onto the sawmill rails ready to plank.

All this resulted in a run to the tip Monday morning and drop by the garage to get George to order 4 new rims for the trailer, that’s some hammer money spent already 🤑.

I, meanwhile, have been challenging myself with some photographic projects setting up some studio shoots mainly involving water. Mr. orkwoodturner was panicking about lots of water around cameras and electrics, but I thought shifting the hammer was far more dangerous. Anyway I had great fun and got some good results. Will do some more projects maybe not involving water !!!!!

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